Cerro Grande Fire Response
Los Alamos, NM

Following the devastating Cerro Grande fire of May 2000, Mosaic responded quickly to the needs of local residents. Immediately after being allowed to return to Los Alamos, Mosaic individuals assisted homeowners in assessing their losses, providing pro-bono advice for building new homes, facilitating meetings with affected neighborhoods, and devising creative methods for federal compensation within an anticipated re-construction budget of $250 million.

Key projects included:

  • Development of the unit price option for Cerro Grande compensation for FEMA.
  • Research of the existing county archives for plan documentation for destroyed housing,
    Los Alamos County
  • Development of a neighborhood plan for the reconstruction of North Community,
    Los Alamos County
  • Development of Fire Mitigation Measure for mountain communities,
    Los Alamos County, (URS)
  • Design of over 30 homes, including single and multi-family residences,
    North Community, Los Alamos

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reconstruction map
burned intersection
response logo
La Rosa Sketch Rutherford Residence neighborhood plan
La Rosa Development sketch